WW1: The Final Hours

WW1 The Final Hours featured Image


1x 60 min
| BBC Two

Chris Durlacher
Chris Durlacher
Director of Photography:
Michael Timney, Graham Smith, Mike Robinson
Mathew Cracknell
Executive Producer:
Francesca Maudsley, Cate Hall & David Glover
Simon Young

This is a forensic examination into how and why on the 11th November 1918 the allies gained a decisive victory but also set the world on a collision course with disaster. It all comes down to a piece of paper signed in a railway carriage in the north of France. This is the story of the end of one World War, and the beginning of another.


… in an almost thrillerish, ticking-clock style…it is tactful and effective‘ – David Sexton, The Evening Standard

…a sober, lucid, devastating exploration of the three days in a railway carriage in which the armistice was being negotiated‘ – Euan Ferguson, The Guardian.


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