Hunted: Series 2

Hunted Work-Feature-Image

1 x 60 min
| Channel 4

Series Director:
Sam Eastall & Nicola brown
Edit Producer:
Tom Hutchings
Nick Harvey
Executive Producer:
Jonathan Smith, Matt Bennet, Tim Whitwell
Nick Mirsky & Madonna Benjamin

This high-octane real-life thriller explores the reach of the state’s surveillance powers by challenging ordinary British people to see if they can outwit and outrun a team of expert professional hunters. With a cash prize on the finish line, the stakes are even higher for the fugitives to have enough initiative and cunning to remain on the run for 28 days.


‘… an interesting social experiment, about how people react to pressure. It does ask questions about the balance between security and freedom, Big Brother Britain. Plus it’s a thriller, a bloody good chase’Sam Wollaston, The Guardian

  • Nominee: Grierson Best Constructed Documentary Series
Hunted Image link to video to Ch4

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