Waco Untold: The British Stories

Waco Untold


Lead Editor:
Reva Childs
Series Director:
Stuart Bernard
Peter Michael Davison
Executive Producer:
Mike Blair
Tom Giles

In 1993, 76 members of a religious sect, called the Branch Davidians, died during an infamous 51-day siege by the FBI. Of these, 23 were British. These are their stories.


You might think you know all there is to know about the siege at Waco in 1993 – there are countless TV documentaries out there already – but this two-parter focuses primarily on a lesser-known fact about the cult overseen by David Koresh at Mount Carmel in Waco, Texas – that almost one third of his followers were British.” – The Mail

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“A powerful new documentary has revealed the stories of 23 Britons who were killed when US law enforcement agencies stormed the burning Texas compound of cult leader David Koresh in 1993.” – The Mail Online



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